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NYC Broadcast Premiere!

The Lost Bird Project broadcasts on WNET THIRTEEN and WLIW for Earth Day.

“These birds are not commonly known and they ought to be, because forgetting is another kind of extinction.” -- Todd McGrain

The Lost Bird Project, a film about five bird species driven to extinction in modern times and sculptor Todd McGrain’s project to memorialize them, will be in celebration of Earth Day on Sunday, April 21st at 7pm on WNET Thirteen and on Monday, April 22nd at 8pm on WLIW.


Gone and nearly forgotten, the Labrador Duck, Great Auk, Heath Hen, Carolina Parakeet and Passenger Pigeon have left a hole in the American landscape and in our collective memory.  Moved by their stories, sculptor Todd McGrain set out to bring their vanished forms back into the world by permanently placing his elegant, evocative bronze memorials at the location of each bird’s demise.  

“These birds are not commonly known and they ought to be, because forgetting is another kind of extinction,” McGrain said. “It’s such a thorough erasing.”

The film tells the story of how these birds came to meet their fates and the journey that leads McGrain from the swamps of Florida, the final roosting ground of the Carolina Parakeet, to a tiny island off the coast of Newfoundland, where some of the last Great Auks made their nests and where the local townspeople still mourn their absence 150 years later.

The Lost Bird Project, directed by Deborah Dickson and produced by Muffie Meyer, is a film about public art, extinction and memory.  It is an elegy to five extinct North American birds and a thoughtful, moving, sometimes humorous look at the artist and his mission.

The Montreal Mirror called the film, “a stunning and evocative work about art, nature and our imperiled planet,” while The Montreal Gazette described it as  “entertaining, whimsical … and certainly very moving.” The Martha’s Vineyard Times spoke of the emotion, “Watching it … I was crying.”

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