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New Initiatives: From Birds to Elephants

 The Lost Bird Project teams up with the Elephant Listening Project


New_Initiatives_V01_1_web.pngAs Artist-in-Residence at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, I regularly witness dynamic and passionate work being done on behalf of birds.  That being the case, it has come as a bit of a surprise that I have gravitated toward the offices of the Elephant Listening Project (ELP).  At first glance, the ELP would seem an unusual fit for the Lab or Ornithology.  However, given the Lab's long commitment to the study of the bio-acoustics, it is not such a reach.  The time I have spent with Peter Wrege, the director of the ELP, has rekindled my fascination with elephants.  As I embark on this new initiative, I know very little about elephant language, emotions, behaviors or social order.  I am delighted that Peter and his staff have offered to share their expertise and enthusiasm with me.  In this threatening time for elephants, The Lost Bird Project is pleased to be joining the Elephant Listening Project to help tell the story of Forest Elephants and their perilous future.  - Todd McGrain

For more information on the Elephant Listening Project visit:

Photo courtesy of Todd McGrain (2013)


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From Birds to Elephants