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What Does Earth Day Mean to You?

Tell us what Earth Day means to you.

Sometimes the small moments in life can help spark a deeper understanding of the world around us. We here at The Lost Bird Project are using art and storytelling to connect people more deeply to the natural world around us and to document the stories of a rapidly changing planet.

Share your experiences with us on this day when the world comes together to celebrate and raise awareness of the dramatic changes taking place on our Earth, our only home. What does Earth Day look like where you live? What does it sound like? How has the natural environment around you changed over the years?

What are you doing today to mark Earth Day?

Help celebrate Earth Day by watching The Lost Bird Project as it airs on over 200 public television stations this week.



commented 2013-04-22 15:41:40 -0400
Earth Day makes me consider all the little things I do and what future they will create for my young daughter. I have to live better for her so that she too can explore wild places, have health and a greater connection to the earth for the well being of her soul.